BaoZi Jump!

My first iPhone game "BaoZi Jump!"

How to Play:

It's a simple jumping action game.Tilt the iPhone to move the little baozi left or right and go up higher.
Any update about "BaoZi Jump!" will announce in this entry.

5 則留言:

匿名 提到...

您好,本人剛剛有在Mobile 01內介紹貴站及該遊戲的App Store連結及圖片,若您覺得我發的文有侵害到您,我立刻移除,謝謝您的遊戲大作.


Maso Lin 提到...


Unknown 提到...

非常上癮遊戲, 跟你早年某Flash Game類似,不過這版本充分使用iphone的功能上特性,非常讚!這iphone版是Obj-C寫,還是Flash CS5?

Maso Lin 提到...

@Luar Flash CS5

Unknown 提到...

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