BaoZi Jump! on Android by Adobe AIR

AIR for Android

I was porting my iPhone game "BaoZi Jump!" to Android, it works fine and smoothly.

This app using the Accelerometer API to control the BaoZi move, and every thing works correctly.

It took me almost 3 hours to compile for Android and modify some accelerometer variables to fit the Nexus One.(there is a little different between the accelerometer sensor of iPhone and Nexus One)

昨天花了約3三小時左右把BaoZi Jump porting成Android版,其實過程很簡單,用的是同一份原始檔,code幾乎沒改。主要時間反而是花在第一次操作Android SDK及一些文件的部署。(如果你已經有開發過Android的話,這部份應該不會花太多時間)

其次是要熟悉Nexus One的accelerometer sensor訊號,它的靈敏度與iPhone有些不同,所以要配合他的靈敏度調了一下參數。


接下來就期待Adobe AIR for Android正式release後,廣大的Flash高手們會在Android Market丟出什麼樣的創意了。

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目前沒辨法提供耶,等Adobe AIR for Android正式release後應該就可以了。 :)